Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Cunningham Plan
For Universal Healthcare and Economic Recovery

Kathleen Rosewater Cunningham, CPA (ret.)
Colorado Gubernatorial Race (R)
U.S. Presidential Candidate, 2008, 2012, 2016

Healthcare Monthly Contribution

$100 per person per household
$100 employer contribution per employee
$100 contribution per city, per state per person 
$100 contribution per Federal government per person
.01% unemployment withholding
$0 co-pay at time of service or procedure
$100 per doctor visit for non-plan participants + % costs
State-contracted non-profit single-payer, medical provider reimbursement
Catastrophic Insurance 1% of Income, Employee/Employer match limited to $10,000 per employee/$10,000employer match
10 sick days or $100 a day bonus for unused sick days One month family leave after one year
Stop Cobra, insurance fraud, and insurance rip-offs
Retirement Funding -10% employee/employer match, including part-time employees
One month paid vacation, full time employees, 35 hour base
Part time benefit as a percentage, vacation paid yearly
Tipped employees benefit withholding to be determined
Eliminate income tax on personal earned income
Establish new corporate charters and new mission statements to include employee profit sharing and green workplaces  Encourage employee-owned corporations and start-ups
Make loans to small businesses and women-owned businesses more available
Establish new corporate charters that remove the maximization of shareholders wealth from corporate mission statements
Access a 10% fee on international monetary wires, electronic transfers
Adopt global mission statements to protect the earth, our water and our air, to provide green and sustainable and necessary products or services
Establish new corporate and personal tax structures
Assess a10% tax on net Return on Investment (ROI)
Establish Standards of Care, peer review, comprehensive checklists, patient-advocate programs
Establish Rural/Urban/Elderly Healthcare on Wheels
Stop tobacco use and tobacco production
Treat alcoholism as a mental illness
Treat mental illness as a medical condition
Adopt Guest worker "Red Card" program, immigration reform
Allow “Red Card” holders access to clinics, health care
Adopt Metric System to improve education
Adopt Universal weights and measures to improve manufacturing efficiency and medical procedures
Round monetary transactions to lower costs and improve monetary system
Eliminate individual car insurance, collect fees to cover insurance and costs to pave roads and maintain bridges at the pump or with tolls
Provide VIP access-a-ride service whenever possible to the handicapped and eliminate wheel-chair access on buses providing a win-win situations to all passengers and drivers alike
Bus size should mirror passenger load
Install technology in cars and roadways to prevent accidents from sun glare and vehicle movement
Time traffic to prevent grid lock and road rage and decrease pollution, develop green and sustainable energy sources
Close transportation hubs, roads and airports in anticipation of snow and other weather events to prevent accidents and injury and stranding passengers in airports, airplanes, vehicles, etc.
Light up city streets, parks with reflected sunlight to diminish the effects of seasonal affected disorder (SAD)

Adopt new age limits 16, 18, 21
Teenagers should learn to drink before they learn to drive and should not enter the military until age 21
Children should be safe at home, at school, in high school, at colleges and universities, at church and in the community.  Women should be safe in the workplace and in the military
Rape is not an acceptable act.  Bullying cannot be tolerated.  I have experiences hate crimes because I was assumed to be a lesbian.  I was a victim of rape. Do not assume a woman is a lesbian because she will not sleep with you. She may be a victim of rape or domestic abuse.  She may have high moral standards.  You may be a creep.   
Install technology to prevent drunk driving, and 
lower acceptable alcohol level to 0%
Run Public Service Announcements "Dr. Oz" style to inform public on health issues, domestic abuse, and smoking etc.
Universal Healthcare includes dental care, vision, hearing, skin care - mole removal, discounted plastic surgery
Universal Healthcare provides for birth control, counseling, adoption assistance and safe abortions when needed
Universal Healthcare provides integrated medical care including acupuncture, chiropractic care, regulated nutritional supplements, physical therapy, massage and regulated sex therapy
Universal Healthcare provides pre-natal care and includes a burial benefit
Estate planning includes living wills and allows for organ and tissue donation
Universal Healthcare provides for yearly checkups, preventative care, immunizations, nutritional and weight control counseling, gym club memberships, marriage counseling and pre-canna classes
Adult Supervision and socialization prevents teenage pregnancies and teenage suicides
Group socialization prevents gun violence
Universal Healthcare provides jobs and funds medical research
Integrate military, government and elderly healthcare into common public health facilities including Congress, the Supreme Court and the President
Educate and train and HIRE medical personnel
Sex education is for adults as well as children
Students should complete a 2-year Associates Degree at Community or Technical Colleges followed by 2 years community or military service
Corporations, universities, hospitals, schools, the military and government should pay for advanced degrees and add’l training
Allow students to spend one semester of junior year abroad
Scholarships and internships, summer camp, field trips should be available to students, teachers and volunteers
End Violence and pornography in movies, games, and television and print
Stop Gambling and violence in sport, brain injuries
License parents and provide parenting instruction
Establish routine mental health evaluations
Provide Seaside Cottages for All Americans to enjoy. 
Do not rebuild year-round multimillion dollar homes along coastlines and in low lying areas that are in harm’s way due to climate change.
Relocate victims of super-storms and reclaim blighted areas for green space and Victory Gardens.
Legalize medical marijuana for treatment of depression and as an appetite stimulant for cancer and AIDS patients   Use marijuana to treat alcoholism
Legalize recreational marijuana and stop criminalizing U.S. citizens, and perhaps create PEACE ON EARTH
Stop the Drug War - ask  JIMMY CARTER
Stop paying unemployment benefits and pay $10 an hour for job training and community projects participation
Stop jailing mentally ill persons, stop rape in prison
Stop Police brutality
Hold Police and Governmental officials to the same laws as the average American
Hospitals and clinics should be warm, and cheerful & hospital food – Hot & Delicious.  Hospitals and clinics should be sanitary.  Patients should not die from pneumonia or bacterial infection after hospital stays.

Doctors should respect nurses and staff and should not be racist or exhibit gender bias
Homosexuals are equal under God’s law
Religion needs to be stopped, in the name of Jesus Christ, the healer, feed the poor

On the divide between the Rich and the Poor

To Mr. Obama I say
Tear Down this Wall

Rebuild Main Street, travel in the USA; buy American goods and services

Other Recommendations:

Additional funding for healthcare: bonds, hotel/travel taxes donations, charitable contributions, wills and estates bequests, private foundations, corporations, luxury sales tax, VIP health care packages ETC.
Provide medical equipment to doctors, clinics and hospitals to lower costs and billable reimbursements
Tax Imports
Forgive Student Debt
Develop transferable home equity and set up a series of home dwellings to increase American mobility and home ownership
Americans and their children should be careful with discretionary spending; it is time for Americans to evaluate government and BUY OUT the DEBT instead of your next pair of sneakers
Sell secure U.S. Bonds and retire the Federal Government, the Federal Reserve, the U. S. Mint    
Stop wasting taxpayer dollars
Do Yoga, exercise regularly
Treat your spouse better than the family pet
Stop Churches from gouging parishioners religiously
Stop the commercialism of Christmas and the depression and suicide that comes from the “Big 3” holidays – Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.  Single people too often end up on the pity pot. Couples spend too much money trying to buy affection.  Money is the number one cause of divorce. God is forgotten and retailers salivate over Santa Claus, gift giving and soon to be brides.  Children lose sight of what really matters.
It is time to allow daily silent prayer at school and in the workplace.  It is time to be grateful for God’s bounty.  It is also time to help those less fortunate
It is time to stop war

Stop Obamacare

Establish a more Democratic nation, with 50% representation of women in government
Define and limit the role of city, state and the Federal governments
Set term limits for city, state and federal employees and government contractors
Conduct teacher reviews
Spay and neuter your pets
End Social Security and failed retirement funding
Establish social programs including healthcare, affordable housing, retirement/vacation housing, half-way houses and hospice care, disability funding

Eliminate "the two-party duopoly that allows corporations to replace the importance of the individual and allows for voter fraud. It is time for proportional representation (PR) where legislative seats are divided proportionally based on the percentage of votes each party receives.  Such voting systems give voters more choice, produce multi-party legislatures, and reduces the ability of monied interests to control the political process."  (source unknown)

It is time to return power to the people. 

I have a dream.